Define Your Outdoor space

Hardscaping accomplishes two important goals: it provides attractive horizontal and vertical surfaces that accommodate traffic, and it provides the solid “anchor points” that define your landscape. It can help you elegantly transition across sloping ground, or create and define walls and area dividers. At its most creative, it can add all-new features such as rocky hills and waterfalls. And because hardscaping materials come in an infinite variety of colours and textures, the possibilities for innovative expression are virtually limitless.

PATIOS: Stone patios made from natural or man-made pavers and tiles create beautiful, long-lasting backyard spaces. The choice of colours, styles and designs is almost limitless.

RETAINING WALLS: Stone retaining walls create visually-pleasing borders and transition areas while also serving a dual roll as flower beds or other landscape feature areas.

STONE FEATURES: Whether as a stand-alone feature such as a fountain or fire pit, or as part of your pool, a stone feature can add elegance and drama to your backyard.


All products are not created equal. Many products look great when they’re first installed, but after time the difference in quality shows. For over 45 years, the very best designers and contractors have relied on Unilock to supply cutting edge paving and wall products that enable them to build extraordinary projects that stand the test of time.  Unilock products deliver durability that is second to none; colour that lasts; unique textures; and a vast array of choices. These are just some of the reasons that Unilock is chosen time and time again by discerning landscape professionals.

What will you create?

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