Escape the Sun, Enjoy the fun

These extensions to your living space can dramatically redefine your property and provide beautiful get away spaces for you to relax and escape the sun. Our design experts are ready with dozens of ideas to help you make your outbuilding a focal point of your overall landscape design, blending beauty and functionality.

CUSTOMIZED DESIGN: We’ll customize a pavillion that maximizes the use of your available space and adds a beautiful structural element to your backyard.

OPEN AIR OR ENCLOSED: Your pavillion can be open air, or we can install manual or automated screens to provide extra protection from the elements.

OUTDOOR KITCHENS: Pavillions are the ideal place for a full outdoor kitchen, complete with counters, cabinets, appliances and seating.


Whether it’s a quiet retreat, a gather place to escape from the sun, or a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen, dining and entertaining area, the right pavillion can add to the ambiance and function of just about any backyard. We’ll customize a design with the features and style that works best for your backyard.

What will you create?

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