Outdoor Kitchens Are All The Rage

It’s no wonder outdoor kitchens have grown so much in populatrity in recent years. There’s something woderfully intimate about cooking outside – interacting with friends and family instead of rushing inside to check on the meal. We’ve been designing and building beautiful and thoughtfully constructed outdoor kitchens for years. Let us help you create the ultimate space for your outside “kitchen crowd.”

FEATURE: Built-in BBQs or smokers of just about any size, with custom or pre-built cabinetry and storage.

FEATURE: Weather-resistant counters and cabinets in a wide range of colours, styles and materials.

FEATURE: Bar fridges, sinks, ice storage, warming drawers – if you can imagine it, we can build it.


Mont Alpi designs modular grills and outdoor kitchens that are both high-quality and innovative. They are easy to install and customize, which means you can create your ideal outdoor kitchen space without the hassle and expense of traditional built-in designs.  From full outdoor kitchens to refrigerators, sinks and storage, we offer powerful, sleek, and feature-rich outdoor kitchen islands that will elevate your outdoor cooking game to the highest level. Features such as built-in lighting and temperature gauges, convenient side burners and ample cooking space across all our outdoor kitchen island designs make it easy to create delicious meals that impress friends and family.


An alternative to a custom-built outdoor kitchen is to go with modular cabintery from NatureKast. NatureKast revolutionized the industry with 100% weatherproof cabinetry, panels, trim and more with the look & feel of real cypress or teak. They’re available in stain, paint or weathered finishes. Innovative cabinets are available for most of the big names in outdoor grills, cooktops, sinks and appliances and feature a limited lifetime warranty.


Imagine having everything you need for commercial-quality cooking in your own backyard. With our mobile grills and Infinite Series, that dream can easily be your reality. So much so, you’ll want to make your outdoor kitchen your primary kitchen! When you’re cooking on the calibre of grill that favourite top chefs choose to cook on, you’re able to host the kind of party—or staycation—that leaves everyone wanting the recipe.

What will you create?

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