After a long day, what’s better than letting the stress melt away while soaking in a tranquil, relaxing hot tub. The soothing effects of the warm water and massaging action can relieve pain, reduce stress and ease emotional tension. Ease those sore, aching muscles while you relax, unwind and restore.  A quality hot tub from Creative Homescapes may be just the thing you need to complete your backyard oasis.


Bullfrog Spas are the only hot tubs with the patented JetPak Therapy System. Why does this matter to you? JetPaks are modular jetted spa seats, which you can select based on your needs and preferences. Only Bullfrog Spas gives you this choice. With 17 unique JetPak massages, far more options than any other hot tub, you will relish your perfectly customized spa experience. Each interchangeable JetPak is designed to provide a specific massage experience that you will love. These high-quality tubs are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

The JetPak Therapy System also allows Bullfrog Spas to use up to 90% less plumbing that typical hot tubs. This not only makes them extremely efficient, but it also dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks and costly repairs. With Bullfrog’s superior energy efficiency, you will enjoy keeping extra money each month almost as much as you will enjoy relaxing in your spa!

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CUSTOMIZABLE: Bullfrog’s modular and interchangeable JetPaks let you customize your spa expeience to your own particular desires.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: With full fom insulation, tight fitting cover and less plumbing, Bullfrog Spas are one of the most energy-efficient spas on the market.

LESS PLUMBING: In fact, 90% less plumbing than a typical hot tub. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of leaks and costly repairs.

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