Patio umbrellas provide refuge from the sun, heat and rain, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors to your heart’s content. They can also be a gorgeous accent to your backyard decor by coordinating with your outdoor furniture. Available in an endless array of colours, styles and sizes, a good patio umbrella will complement your surroundings and give you years of comfort and enjoyment.

FREE-STANDING OR OFFSET: Free-standing umbrellas are designed to fit in the centre of a patio/dining table. Offset (or Cantilever) umbrellas have their own stand and can be placed virtually anywhere you choose.

SIZE & STYLE: Patio umbrellas come in a wide range of sizes – typically, between 6′ and 13′. Style-wise, they come in square, rectangular, round and (octagaonal or hexagonal).

CANOPY FABRIC: Selecting the right fabric is one of the most important decisions in choosing an umbrella. It should be waterproof, long-lasting and resistent to mold, mildew and fading.


Frankford uses umbrella fabric manufactured with only the highest quality raw materials and the most rigorous quality-assurance procedures. This beautiful fabric has an outer surface finish enhanced by an Infinity Process – a treatment that ensures the lasting quality of the fabric and superior waterproofing. It is easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, won’t sag or stretch over time (like lighter weight fabric will), and has an exceptional guarantee against fading.

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